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Sue Horn

August 20, 1953 ~ June 29, 2019 (age 65)

Eva Suzanne Horn (Sue) lived and died as a force. Her daughters -- Jenny, Emily, and Sheree -- want you to know more than her occupation, hometown, and the dates of her birth and death. We want you to know that she was our fiercest protector; our loudest fan; our lifelong friend; our ride or die. We can’t possibly tell you how much we’ll miss her, but we want to share some of what we’ll miss.

Most kids don’t seem to enjoy hanging out with their Moms, especially as teenagers, but we did. She took us to concerts, not as our chaperone, but because they were her idea, and she wanted us there with her. Most moms wouldn’t help you devise and execute pranks, but ours did. Truth be told, she was way cooler than any of us.

Her sense of humor could best be described as epic: sweetly silly, bawdy, and sarcastic. We heard many times from her co-workers at the hospital that Mom was a riot. At home, she would break into song or dance, or both; or she’d crack a joke at just the right time and we’d all giggle. She made you want to join in on the fun she was having.

Mom loved animals, just as her father had, and we grew up with countless cats and dogs -- and even an adopted rooster (temporarily). We have carried on her love of critters and between us have 11 pets that boss us around and allow us to adore them. Mom was forever tagging us in Facebook posts about kitties, and it’s hard to imagine that those will be no more.

She and her mom, Grandma, taught us to cook, and we spent many happy days making memories and delicious food. Every time we make chicken & dumplings, or spaghetti sauce, or ribs, or collard greens, or corned beef & cabbage, or so many other recipes, we’ll think of Mama. And Mom loved to eat, too. She was all about comfort food and sweets, like mac and cheese, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, sesame chicken, cakes and tarts and cookies and pies.

Mom’s work ethic was incredible, and she often worked multiple jobs or four and five 12-hour shifts a week to put food on the table and clothes on our backs. One of our favorite times of her workdays was sitting on her bed while she got ready for the next shift at her vanity, filling her in on our days and our dreams and hearing about hers. Between shuttling us to and fro and her jobs, we aren’t sure she got a decent night’s sleep for about 40 years of her life.

When each of us left home as adults, it was hard on Mom. We’re so grateful that we stayed close to her and found adult friendships with her. She accepted and appreciated us for the individuals we are and never asked us to be anything else. She loved our husbands as her sons, and they loved her right back. We had a few traveling adventures, like trips to Asheville and Washington D.C., but some of the best times with Mom were small moments, like running errands or grabbing lunch.

The thing we’ll remember and miss most is that Mom was always the first person there when we needed someone. If we were sick, or heartbroken, or celebrating, or discouraged, or had a bad dream, or needed a person to fight for us, she found a way to be there. We will miss the feel of hugging her, of being held by her. We’ll miss the sound of her encouragement and comfort, and yes, even the occasional verbal butt chewing.

Mom found out March 1, 2018 that she had stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and she fought it with all she had for 15 months. There was never going to be remission or a cure, and because Mom had been a nurse, she knew the end would be painful and difficult. She probably felt terrible more than she let on, but she wanted to enjoy her remaining days, so she did. She is gone far too soon, and our lives will not be the same without her.

There are other people who will miss our mom, too: her sister and nephews in Georgia, her nurse friends in Scotland and Richmond counties, her Keith Ave neighbors in Rockingham, her exes and their families, her former patients, and even her Facebook friends. She made an impression on all who met her.

Thank you, Mom, for giving us so many gifts and for each other. We love you to the moon and back.


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